Will Virtual Reality Become Useful in Sports?

Over the past 2 decades, we have had massive leaps in technology. From 4K TVs to powerful Gaming PCs, it’s incredible how far technology has come. Laptops have become very popular in the 21st century and it’s certainly no surprise. A couple of years ago, even the cheapest laptop would easily set you back $2,000. Now though, you can pick up a good one for less than $400.

It’s quite obvious that laptops have made certain tasks much easier. From finding directions with Google Maps to shopping online on Amazon, everything is so much more convenient when you have a laptop. It seems like virtual reality is heading the same way. There’s currently a lot of optimism that virtual reality headsets will become readily available in the next few years and open up a world of new technologies.

It’s not exactly easy to integrate virtual reality with sports. I would think that it would require a lot of testing to perfect it. Saying that, it seems to have already started in American Football. Just recently, there was a rumor going around that the Dallas Cowboys had started using a virtual reality in order to give players better tactical awareness. The idea involves showing 3D images of the live action during practice sessions.

American Football teams have already started using virtual reality technology as part of their training methods.

The virtual reality company leading the project is known as StriVR Labs and apparently, they have agreed a deal with the Dallas Cowboys to supply the software and equipment. I’m no American Football fan, but I’ve had a quick look and can see that the Dallas Cowboys finished top of the NFC East Table in 2014. To me, that suggests that they are a very good team, and if they’re using this technology, there has to be something very interesting in it.

I’m genuinely fascinated by this technology and looking forward for any further developments. I do think virtual reality can play a big part in our daily lives.

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